What a wonderful MacOS X

Recently I discovered a new way of transforming a look of my Windows XP into a beatiful MacOS X. I was quite surprised by the amount of community members that work to create so many Mac apps for Windows. Within an hour I was able to feel like I was running an Apple machine.

I had a posibility to use iPhoto or iCal. Everything worked like a real Macintosh. It is a superb operating system when it comes to look. Everything seems to be so user friendly. Of course, there were some disadvantages which appear just because I am used to Windows XP.

For example, the bottom icon bar, whatever it is called in MacOS (I used a Mobydock DX) is quite annoying when it shows on top of all other apps. I think that Mac users don’t seem to use fullscreen mode. Am I wrong?

The worst thing is that when loading tons of additional simulating program, my Windows started to boot slowly, and the response time decreased enourmously. That’s why I decided to come back to original Windows XP look. Maybe when I manage to add more RAM and better graphics card, I’ll try to use it again.

The funny thing is that I consider buying a Macintosh notebook. That would be awesome!t crossbrowser compliant. With tables I would do this in 1 day. No… 1 hour.

Last modified: 14-May-24