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Cannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder. Man, I loved the game back in time when I had Commodore Amiga 600. I got my memories refreshed yesterday, when I saw that there is a new version of Cannon Fodder available for my cell phone. I was quite happy to see that the game is somewhat a port of the original one. At least the levels are the same.

Next what I did was downloading PC versions of the game, both Cannon Fodder 1 and 2. Pity, that sound is much worse than in Amiga versions. Well, it shows that back in the 80s, Amiga hardware just ruled. PC version plays MIDIs only, where Amiga played tracker modules which had… samples!

I wish I had my Amiga 600 (with 20MB harddrive!) back. It was great to play all those games. Nowadays, games do not provide same entertainment level. Oh well, I suppose I have just grown up :) .

BTW. Tell me, what are your favourites from the past?

Last modified: 06-Feb-24