Be standards compliant!

Did you notice the fact that in most cases CSS sucks? It is very buggy. Or, what is more possible, the browsers are buggy. There are so many things that should be included in new version of CSS that I think would speed up the development of websites. For example: better vertical alignment properties. Better height handling. This one pisses me off most.

You got 3 DIVs on your page? Wanna make theme fit in the browser window? OK, shoot. Set them in a container, and mage the middle on fitting most of the window. What will happen? Ah… Sure. They get higher than window height. Cool!

Next, I don’t get the point of CSS positioning. OK. It is cool as you can set everything in one style sheet. But measuring development time of TABLE positioning and CSS gives the result that CSS is more time consuming. Why? New technology should be faster technology. Or maybe I am not so good at CSS?

Take a look at this example site. It took me like 3 days to make it using CSS. I mean, I was fighting with some bugs to make it crossbrowser compliant. With tables I would do this in 1 day. No… 1 hour.

Last modified: 14-May-24