A bit of Mac world on my PC

Since the time I have seen MacOS X I wanted to change my Windows XP PC into Mac as much as possible. I even want to buy an iPod instead of my current mp3 player. It starts to be an obsession. But in the meantime, I have installed iTunes for Windows. It let me have a bit of Mac on my desktop. Why did I install iTunes? There are many reasons. First one was that I was looking for a new media player as my newest Winamp started to crash, don’t know even why. Next, I’ve read a bit about iTunes. Many people like it, and Windows Media Player 10 is too heavy. Currently iTunes is a good choice. Pity that it doesnt work/look like an original Mac version. For example sliding areas of Browser work veeery very slow. But hey. It just has to play music. Nothing more. Sound is quite good!

Last modified: 14-May-24